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State Transportation Research Centers

Louisiana Transportation Research Center
Final reports and technical summaries from the LTRC.

University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies
Research Reports

Kentucky Transportation Center
Research Reports


RTAP Conference

A Climate Trends Road Map for Transportation Powerpoint

Helpful Links

*Special thanks to Maggie Sacco and Christi Powers: Transportation Librarian's Toolkit

NTL Digital Repository
The NTL collection is entirely digital. Electronic resources for the NTL Digital Repository are selected according to the NTL’s Collection Policy. The NTL Digital Repository is a permanent archive. It includes primarily statistical, technical, research and policy documents provided by federal, state, local, tribal and other government agencies that are required by researchers and decision-makers.

TRB’s Research in Progress database contains more than 9,500 current or recently completed transportation research projects. Most of the RiP records are projects funded by federal and state DOTs. University transportation research is also included.

TRB’s Research Needs Statements database contained some 700 transportation research needs statements at its premiere in October 2007. The new database provides a central location that makes searching and sharing statements easy. Organizations, agencies, universities, students, consultants and others who fund and conduct transportation research can now quickly and confidently identify where the focus of their critical resources is most needed. The database will be updated continuously by TRB’s standing committees. 

LTAP and TTAP Centers
Search all 58 LTAP and TTAP Center Web sites.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Search the Web sites of metropolitan planning organizations. Sites included in this search were taken from the AMPO membership list.

Public Transit Search
Meta search all major transit agency and transit-related organization Web sites for fares, routes, data, reports, research, press releases, budgets, policies, programs and other transit industry information.

State DOTs
Search the DOT Web sites of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The search engine has received more than 100,000 queries since December 2006.

U.S. State Public Utilities Commissions
Search the Web sites of public utilities commissions in all 50 states, plus the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

Search for transportation research located on university transportation center Web sites, including the U.S. DOT Research & Innovative Technology Administration’s University Transportation Center program and the Council of University Transportation Centers.


The Transportation Research Thesaurus is a tool developed by TRB to improve the indexing and retrieval of transportation information. The thesaurus covers all modes and aspects of transportation. TRT’s continued development aims to provide a common and consistent language between those who produce transportation information and those who use it. 

Directory of Open Access Journals
The DOAJ covers free, full-text, quality-controlled scientific and scholarly journals. Although a limited number of transportation titles are available at this time, there are several in the interdisciplinary areas, such as materials and engineering, that make this is a resource worth consulting.

American Society of Civil Engineering Online Research Library
The research library includes ASCE conference proceedings beginning in 1998, and all 30 ASCE journal and periodical volumes published since 1995. Technical and professional interest areas include transportation, materials, structural, engineering mechanics, geotechnical, infrastructure, urban planning, computing in civil engineering and professional issues. The ASCE journal archive goes back to 1993. This full-text database contains more than 24,000 journal and 8,700 proceedings papers.

Compendex is a comprehensive interdisciplinary literature database for engineers. It is a vital resource for current awareness, new product information and technological forecasting. The database has more than 9 million records from more than 5,000 scholarly journals, trade magazines and conference proceedings.

Traffic Quarterly
In cooperation with HathiTrust, a consortium of research university libraries led by the University of Michigan, back issues of TQ have now been made available to the public . Dates cover 1947-2003.